How to Focus With ADHD: Strategies to Help you Stay Focused at Work

Source: Verywell Mind

Author/Writer: Keath Low

Date of publication: September 12, 2022


The article analyzes issues with focusing faced by employees who live with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and proposes a few strategies. The author discusses the symptoms of ADHD that cause people with such a condition hard to concentrate. Based on the symptoms, the author advises some strategies for improving focus for people with ADHD. Avoiding multitasking is one of the first suggestions, as it’s suggested that focusing on one task can greatly improve one’s concentration. Using a timer is another technique to help employees work on a task in chunks, followed by scheduled breaks. Dividing tasks into parts can be another useful technique since it allows employees to avoid feeling overwhelmed by big projects. Some people may find connecting with positive coworkers who understand their difficulties helpful since they feel supported and encouraged. The author also suggested that If people lose focus when someone is talking, they can try paraphrasing instructions to keep them involved in the conversation. Using planners and other tools may also assist with managing time effectively.

Key Findings

Work can cause many frustrations for those with ADHD. These challenges can include struggling to start and finish tasks, difficulty prioritizing projects, and feelings of boredom. Finding effective strategies to help young employees cope with these challenges can greatly improve work performance and overall mental health.

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