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You are the expert of your experience. Be heard.

Register for the Accessible Recreation Forum on August 27th

Do you feel you have equal access to indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities available in BC? 

Presented by the  Disability Foundation  and hosted by the  ConnecTra Society, the Accessible Community Forum is an online event created to cultivate a conversation between various organizations and our community of people living with disabilities. 

Do you live with a disability? Are you located in British Columbia? We encourage you to fill out our survey by August 20th, 2021 at 11:59pm PT and help shape the conversation.

Living in British Columbia, community members can participate in countless activities along the Pacific coastline and mountain ranges during the summer and visit indoor facilities during the winter. Through our survey and forum, we want to learn more about your top concerns about the barriers to accessibility for indoor and outdoor recreational activities in BC. 

This next Accessible Community Forum takes place on August 27th from 1:00-3:00pm PDT on Zoom and includes panelists from a variety of organizations that provide recreational activities in the province.

With one in five Canadians (and approximately 15% of British Columbians) living with one or more disabilities, it is incredibly important that recreational opportunities are accessible to all. There is always room for improvement, whether it be through providing more adaptive equipment, accessible pathways, diverse campgrounds, or inclusive sporting leagues. 

The forum will build on our current knowledge and broaden our understanding of your needs. We want to explore possible solutions and resources to bridge the gap between the activities you are currently participating in, and the ones you want. This in an open, honest, and inclusive dialogue between a panel of organizational representatives and our beautiful province’s diverse disability community. 

You are the expert of your experience. Be heard. 

If you require any assistance to take the survey, register, or attend this event – please email us at Closed captioning will be available. 

Let us know your thoughts about indoor and outdoor accessible recreation opportunities in British Columbia. Take our survey by August 20th.

You are the expert of your experience. Be heard.

Past Forums

Built Environment

May 21st, 2021

Built Environment includes human-made structures, features, and facilities viewed collectively as an environment in which people live and work. In this forum, we wanted to learn more about how the built environment in your home, neighbourhood, and community affects your everyday life.

Forum Transcript

Accessible Transportation

December 4th, 2020

Our first forum brought together representatives from Lyft ridesharing, the Accessibility Secretariat, Coast Mountain Bus Company (a subsidiary of Translink), ConnecTra and more to discuss issues of transportation accessibility in BC.

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Presented by the Disability Foundation. Co-hosted by ConnecTra Society. With funding from the Government of Canada. Also supported by the Sci Network, BC Wheelchair Sports, BC Wheelchair Basketball , Disability Foundation, Neil Squire and Spinal Cord Injury BC.