Our Mission

Through our societies, we provide opportunities for people with physical disabilities to enable their individual journeys.


The Disability Foundation empowers and inspires people with physical disabilities to re-imagine what is possible.


Trust – Create a safe and equitable environment where an exchange of ideas and experiences are treated with mutual respect and understanding.

Environmental Awareness – Seek to understand and accommodate people’s needs outside of our work environment by listening and responding to our clients and community.

Accountability – We keep our promises and commitments to each other. When we can’t we will clearly communicate in advance. We take ownership for our commitments and promises, actions and mistakes.

Teamwork – To effectively and efficiently contribute to the goals of the organization by collaborating, cooperating, and communicating our skills, experiences, ideas, and energy.

Learning and Growing – Strive to be your best self to reach your potential in order to realize our shared vision.

How we help

The Disability Foundation primarily supports six charitable societies that provide accessible and meaningful activities.

In addition, we are members of the SCI-5

How it all began…


Adaptive Sailing Association of British Columbia (formerly known as DSA-BC) offers the thrill of sailing on the open waters.


British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS) provides the means to play outside in nature, on land and water.


ConnecTra Society brings together people and community resources.


Disabled Independent Gardeners Association (DIGA) fosters the feel-good experience of nurturing nature, producing healthy fruit and vegetables.


Tetra Society of North America (Tetra) brings together inventive volunteers who build custom assistive devices that overcome physical barriers.


Vancouver Adapted Music Society (VAMS) operates the only fully-accessible recording studio in Western Canada, and supports and promotes musicians.


The Disability Foundation is a member of the BC SCI network.

The BC SCI network is made of the following collective of provincial service organizations:

The BC SCI network helps make BC the best place for people with disabilities to live, work and be active. We maximize positive outcomes by increasing awareness and the continuity of our complementary services. We work collaboratively to maximize the reach of our shared resources, knowledge and infrastructure to our collective membership.