Discover is the Disability Foundation’s multi-annual newsletter, informing our valued members, volunteers, and supporters, on what has been going on in and around the organizations. Discover the empowering stories showcasing the great impact and donations that help so many people each day.

Current Edition

 The way our donors have been answering the call to support people with disabilities during the COVID-19 global pandemic will always be a reminder about the human capacity to care even during a crisis. Whether supporting the programs delivered for many years by the Societies we support, helping us distribute food and health kits, making food deliveries to homes across Metro Vancouver, or providing grocery cards in communities across the country, Canadians have been responding with their hearts. 

 In this issue of Discover, we highlight some of our partners in the business sector and the difference they are making for our community. As you will see, support can be as unique as an individual and as far reaching as an entire organization and all their employees’ network. What matters most is that extending support connects with others, creating stronger and more resilient communities…
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