Board of Directors

Maureen DeLandreville

Maureen DeLandreville is a retired businesswoman who first became involved with the Disability Foundation as a sailor with the Disabled Sailing Association where she quickly realized that her days of sailing were not over. In addition, she volunteered to re-establish and expand the Boat Donation Program and successfully turned it into a major funding source. Maureen soon connected with and participated in additional accessible activities offered by the Societies. She brings to the Board her entrepreneurial experience, people skills and her passion for the Disability Foundation’s vision to empower and inspire people with physical disabilities to re-imagine what is possible.

Ryan Miller

Vice Chair
Ryan Miller joined the Disability Foundation Board in 2019. Ryan has a background in finance and law and is currently working with a wealth management firm in Vancouver. He is passionate about the community and ensuring that organizations have a strong foundation and effect strategic vision for their operations. Given his past experience in disability planning, he was drawn to the Foundation and its affiliated societies for the positive impact it delivers to people in the community with physical disabilities.

Geoff Dodds

Geoff Dodds is a Managing Partner and Personnel Partner at Buckley Dodds LLP. Geoff joined the board in 2020 and helps manage the financial reporting/operations of the Foundation and affiliated Societies.

Sam Sullivan

Non-voting honorary member
Our founder, Sam Sullivan, wanted to rebuild his life following a high-level spinal cord injury. Over a 20-year period, Sam established seven non-profit groups offering opportunities to people with physical disabilities in Vancouver and across Canada. Sam found that his greatest strength was in bringing people together to create self-maintaining groups: people with disabilities who want to be more engaged, and volunteers and other supporters who want to make a difference.

And that’s what the Disability Foundation does to this day – supporting programs and services that provide opportunities for assistance, activities and social engagement for people with physical disabilities to empower their individual journey.