Perspectives Series: Youth with Disabilities and Employment

Source: Disability Foundation’s YouTube channel

Host: Joshua Cabecinha-Alati & Max Muratov (Youth Leadership Initiative Team)

Speakers: Louise M. Gaudry, Shoko Kitano, Maeghan Taverner

Date of publication: April 25, 2022


In Perspective Series: Youth with Disabilities and Employment, the Youth Leadership Initiative Team in partnership with ConnecTra Society, is bringing in individuals and organizations with lived experience to talk about their journeys with employment.

Key Findings

No disability journey is the same, but we can always learn from other people’s stories.

The Perspective Series on Youth Employment is part of a series of virtual panels for ConnecTra Society’s online programming platform, ConnecTogether. In this session, Shoko Kitano from Canadian National Institude for the Blind, Louise M. Gaudry from Richmond Center for Disability and Maeghan Taverner share their lived experiences and provide a holistic view of employment from different perspectives: employer, disability organization, and young professional.

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