Jenny Lee

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within!”

We are extremely grateful for our volunteer, Jenny Lee, for her long-term dedication to the British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS) over this past decade. We are fortunate to have committed volunteers like Jenny who return year by year! Jenny has assisted with the BCMOS hiking program by hiking alongside clients with disabilities at the Pacific Spirit Park. Her kindness and generosity are clear, as giving back has played a key role in her life. This year, she is looking forward to returning as a volunteer, while also trying one of the many other programs offered by the Disability Foundation’s affiliated Societies. 

Jenny started volunteering with British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society as a high school student with a few friends. She recalls that she was inspired by the opportunity to help other people close to where she grew up. It was also a bonus to do some exercise outside in Vancouver’s summers! Since then, she continues to look forward to being outside each summer, surrounded by the picturesque views that the Pacific Spirit Regional Park has to offer. She loves the opportunity to connect with new people through hiking in nature. She even got her brother to join the program too! 

Last year, BCMOS offered a pilot program on Adapted Cycling at the Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Since she’s familiar with the area, one of the hiking coordinators [Simon] made a pitch about the program and how she can participate even if she doesn’t have her own bike. She got curious and was roped in to sign up as a cycling volunteer. She ended up enjoying the new experience. 

Jenny says that meeting with new people is rewarding because it always brings you something new to learn. She recalls a time that she was chatting with a client on the Trailrider. She discovered that they shared similar academic interests. She says that connecting “with different people” and hearing about “their individual stories” is very meaningful. She feels like her volunteering makes a positive impact on the community. For her, these experiences have also helped her feel more confident about “building a conversation with strangers”. Jenny sees these as invaluable experiences that she uses in her career to this very day. 

For Jenny, volunteering with BCMOS is about “empowering people to do something that they would have had challenges with”, like participating in outdoor recreation around Vancouver, BC. The crew, clients, and other volunteers are all very friendly and welcoming to everyone. She returns to volunteer each summer because it means “[she] can be of help to [her] community, and also meet like-minded people”. 

Since Jenny started volunteering as a teenager, she recalls that it might feel intimidating the first time. She recommends to new or younger volunteers to just “go for it”! Luckily, the Disability Foundation’s affiliated Societies offer people with diverse experiences many rewarding, flexible, and fun opportunities to meet new people and give back. In these ways, “it’s not very difficult to keep coming back” like Jenny as long as you “just bring your water and your exercise clothes”. 

Thank you, Jenny, for your dedication to BCMOS over this past decade. We are so lucky to have you on our team. We admire your commitment and journey, and we are sincerely grateful to have you with BCMOS! 

Interested in getting outside this summer and trying something new? Follow Jenny’s advice by grabbing your water bottle, sneakers, and maybe a friend too, and join a friendly and committed community of volunteers with our summer programs!  

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