Disability at Work: Cope with Challenges and Thrive

Source: HelpGuide.org

Author/Writer: Sheldon Reid

Date of publication: Last reviewed February 27, 2023


This article provides an overview of the potential challenges that an individual with a disability may face at work, along with five tips to help them cope and navigate these challenges. It also provides some information for employers on how to be more accommodating to employees with disabilities.

Key Findings

With such a wide range of disabilities, many employers lack the knowledge to create safe and accessible spaces for all employees. This often places employees in a position where they need to educate their workplace and advocate for themselves. Many challenges are involved in advocating for oneself, which can make the process difficult and stressful. This guide will help employees prepare for certain situations in advance and provide useful tips to navigate them. It also offers helpful information to support employers in making changes on their own.

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