Balancing Employee Privacy and Disclosure

Source: President’s Group

Author/Writer: President’s Group

Date of publication: 2022


The article provides four tips for employers to balance the privacy of their employees and disclosure.

  1. Ask the person directly since different people have different preferences about what to disclose and keep private.
  2. Consider what information is relevant to the role. This will allow employees to succeed in their roles because information is specific to their duties and responsibilities.
  3. Consider how you share information about all your employees so sharing information about disabilities is not stigmatized.
  4. Demonstrate the benefits of disclosure.

Key Findings

President’s Group provides resources for employers to educate and assist with hiring of people with disabilities. This article provides advice on balancing of maintaining privacy of their employees and encouraging the disclosure of information that supports employees to be successful. Disability disclosure can benefit everyone involved if employees are aware of their rights and employers are aware of the proper way to handle the conversation and provide support accordingly.

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