6 Keys to Engaging Employees with Disabilities in Workplace Mentoring

Source: Getting Hired

Author/Writer: Andraéa LaVant of Solutions Marketing Group

Date of publication: October 16, 2019


This blog post outlines six keys for employers to establishing a successful mentorship with employees living with disabilities.

The post also contains EARN’s Workplace Mentoring Playbook for employers and employees who want to learn more about strategies for establishing a mentoring relationship. 

Key Findings

According to this blog post, disability-inclusive mentoring programs are ideal for developing a stronger, more inclusive workplace culture.

Workplace mentoring proves to be an effective professional development and talent retention strategy. Not only it helps employers diversify and engage their team, but it also helps reduce turnover and support a learning culture. For young employees with disabilities, in addition to helping them transition from studies to the workplace, improving personal and career growth, disability-inclusive mentoring also helps young employees create a sense of belonging to the workplace and navigate challenges in a supportive environment.

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