Nga Lê

Nga working in the gardens.

Nga Lê’s dedication to the Disabled Independent Gardeners Association (DIGA) has not gone unnoticed. A frequent volunteer with us for the past two years, Nga has assisted with all aspects of DIGA including gardening, planting, maintenance, one-on-one support, and harvesting. Her kindness, gardening skills, and friendly demeanor ensures that everyone has a great day in the garden!

Starting her volunteer journey at The Gathering Place, Nga decided to also donate her time with DIGA because she “can help people and [she] enjoys gardening.” Her selfless attitude became clear when she mentioned “I have always wanted to contribute to society by helping other people and the volunteer job at DIGA has given me the chance to do that.”

Originally from Vietnam, Nga has had fun experimenting with the different types of produce that can be grown here in Vancouver. Although English is not her first language, becoming a DIGA volunteer offered an unforeseen benefit of strengthening her language and communication skills, stating “English communication and Canadian culture understanding are my challenges. I am still trying to improve that. By working with people at DIGA, I now feel more confident.” 

When asked about her favourite part of volunteering with DIGA she said, “I have chances to meet and talk with other people. I also enjoy watching the growth of trees and realizing their changes weekly. I Especially enjoy the harvest time, it’s extremely satisfying!” 

Nga shared some words of inspiration for aspiring volunteers saying “If you want to be closer to nature, if you enjoy making the planet greener, if you want to help vulnerable people, then join DIGA and do it!”

Thank you, Nga, for being a part of our DIGA family. We sincerely appreciate everything you do and we are grateful that we have you on our team!

For more information about volunteering, please contact Sheryl Newman, Volunteer Management Coordinator at or by phone at (778) 945-8823.