Cody Wesley

“…a designer who’s always learning.”

Cody Wesley has been an asset to Tetra for many years. Not only does he volunteer as a project builder, he is also a community connector, mentors new volunteers, and has traveled across the country for the 2019 tetra Conference. Cody has a multifaceted skill set and an inspiring outlook on life, he always has a smile on his face and is ready to use his 3D printer! We are so grateful to have him as a volunteer. 

Here’s what Cody wanted to share about his time with Tetra: 

“I originally started volunteering with Tetra 3 years ago, while finishing up my university degree. I saw it as an opportunity to gain experience as a new graduate in a field I wanted to work in. What I appreciate most about Tetra is the personal relationships you have with the clients. In particular, I enjoyed intimately understanding their very specific needs, and working with them as partners in the process of creating their one-off device. The experience has given me a greater appreciation for the amazing skills and abilities of the people with disabilities in the community. 

I have worked on several projects, but the one that stands out the most is a Boccia ramp I created for a local athlete. The client and I spent several nights at the Glenrose Gym, teaching me about the sport of Boccia, and fine tuning the ramp for his specific needs. In the end we were able to create something we were both proud of and it allowed him to compete at a higher level without his equipment holding him back. 

For more on Cody’s story, watch his ConnecTogether interview from last year: Interview with Tetra Edmonton Chapter volunteer, Cody | Tetra Society 

Thank you, Cody, for all your volunteer work and your inspiring designs!